Edwanex – glassworks Edward Wąsikowski

The glass factory is over 20 years old. The story of Edwanex began on October 7, 1977 in Sękocin Nowy, where a small workshop was started, in which it was ground and decorated with crystals. The result of the company’s development was the decision to build a glassworks. The Rossosz village, near Łęczna, where Edwanex is based, was chosen as the investment location. The first glass was made in October 1987. In 1992, after a two-year extension of the mill, production of glass products began in the new ten-ton bathtub. The change of technology and the related increase in the quality of the products allowed us to establish cooperation with foreign contractors. The mill produces, among others, colored glass (green, red, blue), frozen, painted, has a grinding mill and a production of cardboard packaging. The high requirements of European Union partners force us to continually improve quality at every stage of production. The beauty, uniqueness and excellent quality of hand-molded glass products distinguishes our products and translates into the quality of our products. Products offered include: Vases, glasses, glasses, decanters, candle holders, tea warmers, mugs and many other products. Edwanex also sells its products through its online store. Szklanydom.pl.

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